Luxury vinyl flooring installation in an Atlanta, GA home

Is there a luxury vinyl flooring option that’s waterproof?

If you need waterproof materials for your home, luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent choice, with plenty of options that cater to your other requirements as well. Today’s post will give you more information about this option and how it can work for you.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile you can live with

One of the most popular characteristics of luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile is the opportunity to choose products that offer 100% waterproof protection, even in flood-like conditions. These floors aren’t just safer in areas where water damage could occur, but they provide the stunning visuals you expect from the flooring line.

The core layer provides the extensive protection you need and consists of 100% vinyl, wood plastic composite, or stone plastic composite. These materials ensure your floors will not buckle, warp, split, or peel, even with circumstances that would deteriorate other products.

Perfect for basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, you will find they also bring great peace of mind in every other room of your home. With visuals that match any manner of décor, it won’t be hard to find options that cater to your interior design and your need for protection, all at the same time.

Find your best luxury vinyl plank and tile today

At FloorMax Direct, we offer a wealth of materials that can complete your flooring remodel with ease, including services to bring each one to life. Our associates are experienced, friendly, and offer a wealth of information about any product you might be interested in from our inventory.

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