Green Carpet ? Is It Possible ?

What is green flooring? Part one of three part introspection according to Jason Stanley; VP of FloorMaxDirect in Dalton Ga.

GREEN is big now. Theres talk to greening your garden, your home, theres even an article on greening your marriage. The term fondly refers to goods or services that do minimal or no harm to the environment. Gauging the exact amount of harm or nonharm is next to impossible. As a conservationist from back in the day, common sense always guided my decisions. I didnt need a greenlabel, nor did I worry about LEED points. Recycle when you can, pick up your trash, and dont use too much water. These are the things my mother taught me before the term green meant anything to me besides the color of my favorite beans.

In my industry, which is predominately the building and remodeling industry, we have been considering GREEN before green trends were cool. We kept over one million pounds of waste from landfills with carpets made from recycled soda bottles we sold one year. That year was 1996. And its only gotten better since then. We were one of the first operations to embrace the P.E.T. fibers, which started as ketchup and soda bottles and ended up as extremely stain resistant carpets. As technology progressed, the used heat set on these fibers, and began making incredible vibrant colors. We ran with a small mill out of Armuche Ga until they were swallowed up by a large mill when the new rage became this type of carpet. In a years time, Shaw, Mohawk, and Beaulieu were all on the recycled Carpet Fiber bandwagon. Today, more residential P.E.T. type fibers are sold than NYLON. Think about that fact. Its truly a testament to the GREEN story and technology working to better our home environment as well as our earths environment.

So today the next generation of recycled carpet is here. We call it CARPET 2.0. Its different. Carpet 2.0 is made from post waste recycle materials. It is inherent stain resistance is the industries best (never seen a soda bottle stained before have?). It is solution dyed so that its extremely resistant to traffic patterns and to moisture, more resistant than porcelain tile! Antimicrobial protection and resistance to light bleaching and ozone fading is another great characteristic. What do all these industry jargon terms mean for your home? It means that it is the easiest carpet to clean kool aid spills up, easiest to vacuum sand and dirt out of; it will never shed or fuzz in your home once installed. It helps keep allergies out of your home and is a huge improvement for your environment in your home. They colors are high style, up to date fashion, including multicolored and frieze looks. Oh, and by the way, its soft. Real soft. And more affordable than the leading carpet brand. Youre helping your environment as well as The Environment. My Mom would be proud.

I hope this dispels any rumors about carpet being a bad for the environment product. Its better than a lot of products, as we shall see in future articles. We will also look at some items that have been misclassified as non-green products.

Comments by Jason Stanley