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Floormax delivers eco-friendly flooring at factory direct pricing

If you are considering remodeling a room or an entire home, there are so many flooring options available why not consider eco-friendly flooring. Whether you are looking for tile, laminate, carpet, wood, resilient or luxury vinyl tiles or planks, there is an eco-friendly or sustainable—"green" option for your consideration. If you think back, there was a time, not too long ago when we may have thought of eco-friendly flooring options as boring or blah…. That is no longer the case. Eco-friendly flooring is not only fashionable, but also provides a host of other benefits. Ask your FloorMax flooring consultant about eco- friendly or sustainable flooring options.

Here is the FloorMax top 10 list of eco-friendly, sustainable, "green" and renewable flooring options to consider:
  • Bamboo (typically a grass, which grows to maturity in 2-5 years) is a sustainable, fast growing option that is harder than some wood.

  • Linoleum is created from tree resins, linseed oil, wood flour, cork dust, natural pigments and limestone. It is flame and water resistant.

Glass tiles
  • Made from recycled glass bottles, glass won’t mold, mildew or stain
  • And comes in a spectrum of colors.

P.E.T carpet
  • Is constructed from recycled plastic bottles, and has a minimal impact to the environment

Wool carpet
  • Wool is grown, it is not man-made. Here are a few benefits to wool.
  • Wool is hypo allergenicWool is flame resistant
  • Wool helps maintain internal air quality
  • Wool provides humidity control
  • Wool is easy to clean

  • Made from recycled tires. Once meant only for commercial areas like playgrounds or gyms, it’s finding its way into our kitchens, baths and kids rooms.
  • Reclaimed or Salvaged Hardwood
  • Reclaimed/ Salvaged wood reuses wood from trees that were cut down long ago.

Since 1981, FloorMax is a family owned and operated discount flooring operation serving the greater Atlanta, GA, greater Chattanooga, TN, greater Birmingham, AL, greater Nashville, TN, greater Orlando, FL and of course our showroom located in "the flooring capital of the world", Dalton GA. When it comes to eco-friendly flooring, your one-stop shop is FloorMax.



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