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FloorMax Direct can ship to any location in the United States and even other parts of the world. No matter how small or how large, we can ship it to you. We can calculate the cost of shipping for you depending on your destination and the size of the shipment.
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When shipping to a location outside the state of Georgia you are excluded from paying sales tax. You only have to pay your shipping cost, which in most cases is only a fraction of what the tax amount would have been. That means even more savings for you!

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If you would like any more information concerning shipping, please contact one of our floor covering consultants at 1-800-423-1823.

We know that shopping for floor covering can be time consuming and somewhat difficult, so we have designed a consumer education page here on our website. We like to call it Flooring University - a place for you, the consumer, to gain a higher knowledge of the flooring that you walk and live on.

This page is to be used for a quick reference to answer and educate you on some of the most frequently asked questions a consumer might have about floor covering. If you need any other information or have any questions, please contact one of our floor covering consultants at 1-800-423-1823.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I save money by purchasing my floor covering from
That's easy, has been a Mill Direct Outlet for over 33 years. Being located in the center of the carpet capital of the world allows us to give you the best exceptional prices on carpeting. Due to the size of our company and the enormous amount of customers we sell to we can offer you the lowest prices on all other forms of floor covering as well.

How long has been in business? has been providing people with quality flooring at exceptional prices since 1967. That is 33 years in the flooring business and that means we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Does have a store location that I can visit?
Yes, has been a open to the public flooring store since 1971, our web site is just another way we are striving to meet our customers needs and be your complete flooring store!

Once I contact who will take care of my floor covering needs?
Your account will be handled by your own personal floor covering consultant. They will be able to answer any of your questions and walk you through the entire purchasing process from beginning to end. You will be able to contact your floor covering consultant on our toll free number. Your floor covering consultant will be your personal flooring expert!

How do I know which carpet fiber is best for my home?
There are several different fibers to choose from when it comes to carpeting. The main carpet fibers are Polyester, Nylon and Polypropylene. Polyester fibers characteristically are very bulky, offer a soft hand, have excellent inherent stain resistance, are static resistant and have excellent color clarity. Polyester is generally less expensive than nylon. In general, polyester fiber is better in all areas where color, style, and stain resistance are the main criteria. P.E.T. fiber is the newest most technologically advanced polyester fiber available. P.E.T. is made from recycled high quality plastics that mainly come from consumer food products, which is why P.E.T. Is such a superior fiber for carpet. The technology is environmentally sound; this is something that is not possible with nylon or other fibers. The federal government regulates the high standards that have to be met in order to have a consumer food product packaged in plastic. Due to the use of food products these fibers are stronger, more durable, and hydrophobic (does not absorb moisture). P.E.T. products in their original form are expensive in order to meet these government standards. However, in their recycled state they offer superior yarns at low prices. These are definitely the fibers of tomorrow. Nylon fibers are strong, resilient and offer very good characteristics for carpet. Almost all of today's nylons are anti-static and have good soil and stain resistance. Nylon carpet yarns are made from both staple and filament yarns. A staple yarn is made from short lengths of fiber spun together into a strand of yarn. Continuous filament yarn features long strand of fiber twisted together in a virtually unbroken strand of yarn. Filament fibers are especially resistant to shedding or pilling. Polypropylene, other known as Olefin fiber is a relatively inexpensive fiber used mostly in loop pile commercial and berber carpets. Polypropylene is very resistant to soil and is virtually unaffected by moisture, due to the fact that it is extremely hydrophobic.

What is P.E.T. fiber or P.E.T. carpet?
P.E.T. fiber offers very distinct advantages - superior and permanent stain resistance, strength and abrasion resistance, and permanent static resistance; Not to mention rich true colors, outstanding light fastness and a resistance to ozone fading. The capability of P.E.T. fiber is far superior to other fibers that are manufactured today. P.E.T. fibers are engineered for ease of maintenance and required no special care. Stains such as coffee, grape juice, red wine, ketchup, mustard, acne medication, barbecue sauce, nail polish and flavored drink mixes do not stain P.E.T. fiber. These spills can be removed using everyday household products.'s exclusive line of P.E.T. carpets will out perform all other comparable nylon carpets.

Is carpet padding an important component to my floor?
Carpet padding is an extremely important component to your floor. The appearance and over all life of your carpeting is dependent on the quality of the cushion you use underneath it. Just because you don't see the padding doesn't mean that it is not an important part of your complete floor. Also, many carpet manufacturers require that you use a good quality padding in order for their warranties to be valid.

What type of carpet is best for me?
Our floor covering consultants are trained to assist you in determining what type of carpeting works best for you and your needs. They are educated and up to date on the newest styles and fashions in interior design. After all, floor covering is what we do. We're your flooring experts!

What are the benefits of pre-finished hardwood versus unfinished hardwood?
Pre-finished hardwood receives its sanding, staining, and finishing at the factory at which it is manufactured. The finish, which ranges from 5 to 8 coats of polyurethane, is usually applied with the newest technology keeping the surface of the wood free of debris and clean in order to obtain the highest quality finish possible. Some manufacturers also add an UV cured urethane coat to help prevent the urethane from discoloring due to exposure to the sun. Some manufacturers also add coats of aluminum oxide in order to create a more protective wear layer. Unfinished hardwood does not have the opportunity to receive these technologically advanced finishes when they are finished in the customer's home. Also, when unfinished hardwood is finished in the home it is not finished in an environment that is free of debris.

What is the difference between a solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring?
Solid wood floors can be installed on grade and above grade, but not below grade. Most solid wood floors are nail-down only and require a wood subfloor. Engineered wood flooring consists of a multi-plied, cross-layered backing with a veneer top layer of a certain species of wood. An engineered wood floor may be used on grade, above grade, and below grade. Also, an engineered floor can be used in areas where solid wood is not compatible due to moisture.

What is laminate flooring?
Laminate flooring is a fairly new form of hard surface floor covering that is gaining popularity in markets all over the world. Most laminates have the appearance of a hardwood floor while some manufacturers are developing laminates that look like ceramic tile. The core of the laminate floor is high-density fiber, which is extremely strong but lightweight. Then the wear layer is a printed image of a wood floor or a ceramic pattern, covered with a high-pressure laminated face that is resistant to almost every form of wear. A laminated floor offers the consumer a very durable and easy to care for floor covering that comes in an array of styles and colors.

What is the difference between an inter-flex vinyl and a felt-back vinyl floor?
An inter-flex vinyl may be installed over a preexisting vinyl floor saving you money on having your old floor removed or installed on a wooden sub-floor or cement floor. Felt-back vinyl can only be properly installed over a clean and empty floor.

How do I find an installer in my area?
If you are located within our area your floor covering consultant may be able to refer you to an installer and if you are not you can look up a certified floor covering installer in your area by clicking on the link for CFI Association (Certified Floor Covering Installer Association).

Once I purchase my carpet and it is installed what can I do to maintain its appearance and help it retain its beauty?
Regularly vacuuming your carpet is the key to keeping your floor looking its best. We recommend that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week. Family rooms and other high traffic areas may require more frequent vacuuming than other areas in your home. Choose a vacuum of good quality that can handle the job. Preferably one with good suction and a beater bar to lift dirt and soil out of your carpets pile. Just a few simple practices will help your carpet retain its beauty for years to come.

Once I make my purchase how will I receive my floor covering?
In most cases we ship your floor covering to you on a major freight line. Your floor covering consultant will check with all freight lines in order to find the least expensive rate, thus saving you even more money. If you are within our area you may come to our store location and distribution center to pick up your order.

How may I pay for my flooring?
We accept cash, check, and money order as well as all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also have financing available upon request.
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