It Ain't Easy Being Green, Is It ?

Green flooring part II Traditional is it easy being green? Green Flooring according to Jason Stanley; VP of FloorMaxDirect in Dalton Ga.

We learned about the amazing Carpet 2.0 products in our first article, made from recycled materials. Thats a really great green story. In this article we are going to talk about traditional GREEN products. There are green products that are truly recycled material and materials made from plants where nothing was harvested or killed to product it, and there are green items that given LEED points and tax incentives when building and working in the building industry.

The most asked for item is Bamboo. Bamboo has seen a huge jump forward in style, color, and quality in the last few years. Bamboo, by nature, is a soft grass. Many big box stores have basic bamboo flooring on sale. Its harvested quickly, it is soft, and dont forget it is a grass. Its wonderful flooring for low traffic areas.

If the woman walks across it with high heel shoes, look out for marks. Dont ask me about men in high heel shoes, I dont know, but Im sure its worst. We only carry HARD bamboo, which is aged and much stronger than what you see at the Other Guys stores. But in the end, its still a grass. What if we need it to hold up in a heavy traffic area? Well Strand woven bamboo is your answer. This process weaves bamboo strips together and then compressed them with extreme pressure and heat.

It makes strand woven bamboo as resistant to wear and scratches as dense hardwoods. Recently we have seen a great new number of colors and styles in this line. Its great for any traffic areas in your home, pets, kids, and the worst residential traffic walk ways. Mohawk even has a product you a clickwhen installing it which eliminates the need for harmful adhesives! Another GREEN product is hardwood flooring and laminate flooring with mdf fiber core board. The core board of laminates like Pergo, Mohawk, and Shaw laminates is made from wood waste, so there is a huge amount of recycled material in the core of the material. The top and bottom are laminated with extremely wear resistant coatings that are incredible when standing up to steel wire brush scrapings, Tonka trucks, and grit and sand from daily traffic.

Laminates may be the easiest item to keep clean, and pound for pound, their ease of care may make them the greenest; product of them all. A click hardwood may have a top layer of real wood, but the rest if made from wood materials that would go to land fills or other wasteful projects. These items are as much as 85 % green, combine that with the no VOC from glue or adhesives, and you have went a long way in keeping your home safe from dangerous and even toxics materials.

These and many prefinished high ends hardwoods, as well as laminates, have great protective finish on it, making It even safer to keep clean in your home. No chemical cleaners, waxes, or finish products and ever needed or recommended. There are numerous environmentally friendly underlayments for these items, as well as adhesives with low VOCs now for the environmentally conscious consumer. Make sure to check if the one youre looking at is biodegradable or recycled. There are many choices on traditional Green items for your home and your floor. If you can save the environment a little and also save some money, this is an excellent choice for your home.