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Carpet cleaning tips

Cleaner carpets can make your life at home more comfortable. Over time, stains and odors stick to your floor’s fibers and make the indoor air quality worse. Candles and air fresheners only mask the problem. Odors that have become trapped deep within the carpet’s fibers will be released every time you walk over the surface. Stains are no easier. Even spot cleaners from the store might not be able to pull them out if they are deep enough.

Carpet cleaning is the only solution for a floor that seems to defy all cleaning methods. There are a lot of different cleaning methods out there. We all want the cleaning products and methods to be safe for your family, even children and pets.

Here are some safe cleaning tips for residents

Choose the right products. Make sure the cleaning supplies you have under your kitchen sink are non-toxic. There are plenty of brands out there that don't fill your home with toxic chemicals. Steer clear of any products that have danger or poison on the label. It is very important to read the label completely as you don't want to purchase a product that is harmful to you or your pets.

Vacuum on a regular basis. The easiest way to keep your carpets clean is by vacuuming on a regular basis. It may sound like a pain, but the more you vacuum the less dirt and dust particles will be floating around your home.

Clean up stains quickly. One mistake many of us make is not wiping and cleaning up stains right away. By cleaning up messes quickly the chance it leaves a stain decreases dramatically. For wet spills the best practice is to blot -- not wipe -- the spill with an absorbent cloth.

Keep dirt outside. This may sound silly, but hear us out. By using doormats we can cut dirt tracked through the house. Two-thirds of dirt in our homes gets tracked in on our feet. Take off your shoes when entering the house and leave them on the doormat. Also vacuum your doormat or take it outside and shake it off occasionally.

Use rugs. Whether it is a doormat, area rug or small mats, homeowners need to take advantage of this tip. By using mats or rugs on top of your flooring -- hardwood, carpet, laminate or tile -- you can extend the life of your floor. This practice is a great option in heavy traffic areas of the home.

Simple solution. One cleaning tip that anyone in Chattanooga, Atlanta and Lafayette can do is use baking soda. This is an item that the majority of households have in the pantry. To remove light stains on the carpet apply some baking soda on the desired spot and let it sit for an hour. After the time is up vacuum the baking soda up. It is a safe and easy way to clean the carpet.

Stay on top of cleaning.The moment you stop vacuuming regularly or cleaning up those stains the faster your carpet will deteriorate and it will need to be replaced. If soil builds up, mold can begin to grow. That is something we want to avoid.

Do a heavy cleaning occasionally. This doesn't have to be done every day or even every week. But a heavy duty cleaning -- either done by a professional or done by yourself -- is needed for your carpet. Despite vacuuming regularly some dirt will remain. Extractors can be rented or a professional cleaning service can perform this for you. If you do it yourself make sure you do not over wet the carpets as that will have a negative affect and could create mold in the carpeting.



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