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Four basic facts about luxury vinyl flooring

When you choose luxury vinyl flooring in Dalton, GA, you’ll find out how beneficial it can be to your household. From stunning beauty to outstanding performance, these floors work well in every room.

The more you know about luxury vinyl, the better it will serve your needs because you can shop with confidence. Here are four facts that will help you understand these materials better.

1. Luxury vinyl flooring is durable

You’ll love that luxury vinyl protects you from scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, and dings, leaving you with a better-looking floor longer. But LVT flooring is also 100% waterproof, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

2. Luxury vinyl matches any décor

Enjoy products that mimic natural wood, porcelain tile, and stone, without authentic realism, for a décor match you’ll love. But you might prefer more artistic designs, like bold patterns and geometrical shapes.

3. Luxury vinyl has a valuable lifespan

With professional installation and ongoing upkeep, luxury vinyl flooring could last more than 20 years. The durability, which you can customize, also helps with this lifespan option for the most extended possible vinyl plank flooring service.

4. Luxury vinyl offers a quick and easy installation

The fastest luxury vinyl installation is the floating floor, but even glue-down options are usually finished in a single day. Once you choose a material, we’ll give you all the details about installation.

Find your best luxury vinyl flooring today

FloorMax Direct is a great place to choose materials that cater to your every remodeling need. Our associates can help you find the products and services it takes to turn your remodel into the flooring of your dreams.

We offer the best luxury vinyl flooring in Dalton, GA, and you’re invited to visit our showroom whenever you’re in the area. Our service areas include Atlanta, Dalton, Calhoun, Adairsville, GA, and Chattanooga, TN.