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Frequently asked questions about SPC flooring

You'll learn about SPC options as you search for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring in Dalton, GA. The initials are "stone plastic composite," and the product offers specific benefits.

If you’ve never tried to narrow your options, this is a great time to learn more about it. So, here are some questions, with their answers, for a better understanding of the product line.

1. What does stone plastic composite mean?

SPC describes this luxury vinyl product's core component, which is made of stone and polymers for rigid durability. It's highly durable and easy to install, and vinyl plank flooring offers a wealth of benefits.

2. How durable is SPC flooring?

The durability of SPC materials could be described as "ultra-tough," with the waterproof protection you expect from luxury vinyl flooring. But it's also easy to clean and care for in every room.

3. How long will SPC materials last?

With professional installation, these floors can easily last more than 20 years. During that time, it will perform well, even in your busiest areas.

Discount and wholesale options

Choosing the perfect floor covering is an exciting opportunity. But it’s even better when those materials are affordable.
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