Vinyl flooring in Dalton, GA from FloorMax Direct

You have lots of vinyl flooring options

When it comes to vinyl flooring, you might not realize that your options are far more extensive than you thought. This flooring line encompasses various products that you’re sure to find an excellent match for as you consider your requirements and preferences.

Vinyl is perfect for every room

With the variety you’ll find in this flooring needs, it’s easy to meet the unique requirements for every room of your home, whether you’re flooring a basement or an upstairs bedroom. Between the designs, durability, performance, and functionality, it’s easy to see why these materials are so popular.

For instance, sheet vinyl is an affordable option that allows you to floor most average-sized spaces with a single sheet of flooring. The significant benefit it offers is the lack of seams, which gives you a waterproof surface, no matter how many spills you experience in a given day.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring, along with its sister-type luxury vinyl tile, LVT, offers the timeless elegance of wood and stone appearances that are sure to match any décor. The luxury vinyl product provides resistance to scratches, dents, stains and is even available with a 100% waterproof feature that gives you the peace of mind you deserve from your flooring.

There is great variety in vinyl flooring types

At FloorMax Direct, you’ll find answers to all your flooring needs, no matter how large or small your overall project. Our associates are dedicated to helping you find materials and services that will give you the performance, functionality, and lifespan you’ve always wanted in a quality floor covering.

From our showroom in Dalton, GA, we serve Dalton, Calhoun, Adairsville, and Atlanta, GA, and Chattanooga, TN. When you're ready to find the vinyl flooring, you'll love for years to come, drop by and see what we can do for you.